Chances of Getting HIV

What are your odds of getting HIV? Your odds of contracting HIV depend on a number of factors.

  • Condoms are very effective at helping to prevent the spread of HIV.
  • The risk of your partner being infected affects your risk of contracting HIV.
  • Some sexual activities are more risky than others. Vaginal and anal sex are higher risk activities. Receptive anal sex is the highest risk activity.
  • Anti-retroviral therapy can reduce your partner’s risk of transmitting HIV. This is known as treatment as prevention.
  • The time at which someone acquires HIV can also influence their chances of passing on the infection.
You can assess risk for contracting HIV and other sexual infections by doing a risk assessment using STD Risk Calculator.

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Factors that Increase Your Chances of Contracting HIV

  • Unprotected sex
  • Men having sex with men
  • Having syphilis
  • Intravenous drug use

Factors that Decrease Your Chances of Getting HIV

  • Monogamous relationship
  • Only having protected sex
  • Routine testing and routine partner testing
Assess your risk now
The only way to eliminate your odds of getting HIV is to be 100%. Not use intravenous drugs and not to receive any blood transfusions.
If you are concerned about the potential of having contracted HIV, consider getting a 4th generation HIV test for the earliest and best results with a HIV test.